Best eco-friendly resolutions to green your office in 2019

As many workers you spend a majority of the day at work. Your behaviour and habits at work might impact the environnement.

This year, you want to limit as much as possible your ecological impact? There are things you can do alone but you can share those green habits with your whole worplace.

Here are some ways to be more eco-friendly at work.


I reduce my waste production by :

  • Using a reusable coffee mug instead of paper/plastic cups
  • Avoiding coffee in capsules
  • printing less in general
  • printing on both sides of the paper
  • sharing digital documents
  • sending emails instead of paper mails

I recycle my waste by :

  • Sorting my waste
  • Using recycled paper
  • Reusing one side printed paper as draft
  • Using reclycled ink cartridges
  • Reusing empty boxes as paper bins

Commuting and business trips

bike commute

I commute green by

  • Discussing about telecommuting with my boss
  • Carpooling with your colleagues
  • Using public transportation, walking or biking to work

I lower my (and co-workers) use of cars by

  • Having a videoconference or telephone meeting instead of physical meetings
  • Combining meetings that involve  same people
  • Planning car-sharing for professionnal trips with co-workers



I lower my energy consumption by

  • Using laptop instead of desktop computer. Laptops consume 50 to 80% less than desktop computers.
  • Planning automatic standby mode after some minutes unused for your devices
  • Disconnecting your computer before leaving the office : even if they are off, computers still consume energy
  • Turning off all electronics when they are not being used
  • Using thermosthat to control both heating and air conditioning
  • Closing connecting doors to reduce energy lost
  • Switching off the lights when natural light is bright enough and when leaving a room

Internet and emails


I optimise my emails by

  • Limiting the size of attached  files : zipped files, low-resolution pdf or url
  • Sharing big files on the cloud instead of emailing them
  • Reducing recipient numbers
  • Using anti-spam software to avoid spams receiving
  • Using a low-definition logo in your email signature. You can also not insert signature in intern exchanges.
  • Cleaning and sorting your email box

I better use internet and servers

  • Cleaning and sorting files stored in the cloud
  • Designing website that limits server load
  • Doing precise internet searches by using relevant key-words
  • Closing unused tabs
  • Limiting flash animations when navigating on internet

Inspire your company


I inspire my company by

  • Preferring suppliers with sustainable development policy
  • Choosing local and/or faire trade raw materials
  • Using green electronics and equipments : consume less energy, produce less waste and limit toxic chemicals
  • Supporting my company to consider environmental concerns to their policy

References : ADEME « Être éco-citoyen au bureau »