Who are we?

We are a engineering firm specialised in wastewater treatment and its by-products.
Maji means ‘Water” in Swahili. It highlights our interest in water issues around the world such as faecal sludge management.

At Maji we aim to provide reliable solutions by offering alternative strategies to water field’s traditional habits.
Each project is unique both in terms of contraints and goals. Our work focuses on providing the most suitable solutions by listening to our customer needs and ensuring technology surveillance.



Our Values

Passion: Is the inspiration that pushes us to excellence. It drives us to suitable solutions and customer satisfaction.

Independance: As Maji is not affiliated to any outside organization, our solutions, and expertise are impartial and unbiased.

Integrity: As a founding value of our company, it guides all our practices: technical, commercial, and managerial. Each employee is thus committed to honesty, mutual respect, respect for environment, transparency and fairness.

our offer


Our offers

We work in both the private and public sectors in West Africa, West Indies and Europe:

  • public bodies
  • engineering offices
  • industrial offices
  • private companies

We offer services including consulting, general studies and assistance to project management and work.
Depending on the progress of your project, we can support you through various studies: pre-project studies, environmental and economic impact analysis, project design.
We can also take care of the entire project management: from plant design to the works management and their reception.